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Corazón de Maíz I

Image of Corazón de Maíz I


A print by Oliver Flores.

Produced for our Spring 2013 exhibition 'N I X T A M A L'

Oliver's work in this exhibition featured three prints – ‘Corazón de maíz (Heart of Corn)’ I, II and III. To view the other prints visit our website

Oliver Flores is a Mexican Illustrator living and working in Guadalajara, Mexico. He has worked for a diverse range of projects in the fields of Art, Illustration and Graphic Design. His images are natural and convey sincerity, capturing the essence of characters and stories to create a connection with the audience. His work produced for this exhibition entitled Corazón de maíz (Heart of Corn) draws inspiration from
geometric patterns found in maize and Mexican basketry.

Edition of 4
Giclée print, A4
Signed and numbered